How Do You Get Bed Bugs In The First Place? -A Complete Guide

bed bug causes guide

Hello there! Bed bugs are undoubtedly one of the most annoying and persistent pests that can infest a home or business. So how do you get bed bugs in the first place? In this article, we’ll explore the various ways bed bugs can hitch a ride into your home or business and provide tips on how to prevent their spread. Whether you’re a homeowner, traveler, or business owner, this information will be invaluable in helping you protect yourself and your property from these persistent pests. So, let’s dive in and discover how bed bugs find their way into our lives.

Bed bugs are sneaky little pests that can hitchhike their way into your home without you even realizing it. They are typically found in places with a lot of people traffic, such as hotels, motels, and apartments. Bed bugs can attach themselves to clothing, luggage, or other personal items and be transported to your home. So it is you can get bed bugs in first place.

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Causes of Bed Bug Infestation:

Bed bug infestations are becoming increasingly common in the United States. According to the National Pest Management Association, bed bug complaints have increased by 71% since 2001.

There are several reasons why bed bugs have become more prevalent in recent years:

Increased travel:

Bed bugs are easily transported from place to place on luggage, clothing, and used furniture. As more people travel, they are more likely to bring bedbugs with them to their destination.

Increased global trade:

The increase in global trade has also contributed to the spread of bedbugs. Products from infested areas can introduce bedbugs into new homes and businesses.

Changes in pest control practices:

In the past, many homes were treated for cockroaches and other insects with pesticides that also killed bedbugs. However, these pesticides are no longer as effective against bedbugs, so they have been able to thrive in homes that would have otherwise been free of them.

Secondhand Furniture:

Used furniture, particularly beds, and couches, can harbor bed bugs. If you bring home secondhand furniture, inspect it carefully before bringing it inside.


Bed bugs can be brought into homes through a variety of means, including through the belongings of guests, on pets, or through secondhand furniture.


Bed bugs can be introduced into an office environment through employees who have been traveling or through secondhand furniture.

Public Transportation:

Bed bugs can easily travel from one place to another, and public transportation provides a perfect environment for them to do so. They can crawl from one seat to another, or from luggage to clothing.


Bed bugs can easily spread from one hotel room to another, so it’s important to inspect your hotel room before settling in. Check for bed bugs in the seams and crevices of the mattress and headboard, as well as in the bedding and curtains.

What do bed bugs eat?

There are a few things that bed bugs eat:


This is their main food source and what they need to survive. Bed bugs will usually feed for 5-10 minutes before going back into hiding.


Bedbugs will also eat dead skin cells, which is why you might see them in beds or other places where people sleep.


In some cases, bedbugs might also eat fabric if it’s soaked in blood or skin cells.

How do I prevent bed bugs from coming to a new place?

Preventing bed bugs from coming to a new place can be achieved through several steps:

  • Inspect any secondhand furniture or used items before bringing them inside your home.
  • Check hotel rooms for bed bugs before settling in, especially in the seams and crevices of the mattress and headboard.
  • Avoid setting your luggage on the floor or on a bed when traveling.
  • Store clothing and luggage off the ground, away from walls, and in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.


Can you suddenly get bed bugs?

Yes, bed bugs can suddenly appear in a home or establishment. Bed bugs are also attracted to warm and dark environments, such as beds, sofas, and curtains, which makes them easy to spread from one room to another.

How do you get rid of bed bugs in the first place?

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a difficult process and often requires the help of a professional pest control company like us. Treatment options may include chemical and non-chemical methods, such as using heat, vacuuming, and steaming. Chemical treatments may include the use of insecticides, while non-chemical methods may include using high heat to kill the bed bugs and their eggs.

How do bed bugs spread from one place to another?

Bed bugs can easily travel from one place to another through a variety of means, including clothing, luggage, and pets. They can also crawl from one surface to another, such as from a hotel bed to a guest’s clothing.


The most common cause of Come Bed Bugs in the First Place is that the bug was carried in by luggage, furniture, or other objects. They’ll travel in clothes, shoes, books, and bedding. People may not realize that they could be carrying bed bugs home on themselves. Bed bugs are more likely to come into your home if there’s clutter, such as piles of magazines and newspapers.

Clutter attracts cockroaches and rats, which then attract bed bugs. Even though you can’t see them, bed bugs can crawl right under your skin and bite you when you sleep. Because bed bugs feed at night, it’s important that you inspect your bedroom regularly to make sure that you don’t bring any of these pests home.

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